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Rosemary Español Awarded the 2020 Gesu Spirit Medal

IEI’s president Rosemary Español was honored at the annual Gesu Gala last night with a 2020 Spirit Medal for her personal and professional contributions to the school over the last 20 years. The Gesu Spirit Medal honors individuals and institutions who have shown extraordinary commitment to Gesu School through their loyal advocacy and actions, and who made a significant contribution to their success as a model inner-city elementary school.

Rosemary and IEI have provided pro bono professional architectural and design services to the school helping it achieve significant expansion, adding an elevator, gym and two new floors. These spaces increased Gesu’s accessibility and student learning opportunities with a science lab, art studio, music room, advanced writing space and after-school program facilities.

Rosemary has been a dedicated trustee since 2000, leading the physical plant and technology committee and offering critical expertise and consultation for Gesu’s ongoing facilities initiatives. Her knowledge has directly impacted Gesu’s growth.

The medal is an honor to Rosemary who remains as committed as ever to support the teachers, staff and children of this very special institution. It is well-deserved recognition and demonstrates Rosemary’s commitment to education. We wish continued success to the Gesu School.

Congratulations to Rosemary!

Click below to play the video tribute to Rosemary -

Medalist profile for Rosemary from the tribute book -

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